The Man With too Many Giggles

Back in September, I went I my very first Tinder date.. now I don’t know if you call going to your local Durbin’s Bar a date, but that is where we went. Mind you, he also picked me up in a baby blue Chrysler.. which in my opinion is a total girl car. RED FLAG. Let’s talk about his outfit: Nike shirt.. like the word “NIKE” written across his chest. Great first impression dude.

Now we get to the bar and we order drinks.. he got a Budlight & I got a Coors. So your basic beer, nothing crazy. As we are sitting there, talking about life.. I guess. He just begins to laugh.. by laugh I mean fidget awkwardly and kept playing with his ears, while basically sitting on the edge of his chair. Mind you I was just sitting here, very calm, trying to understand how to interpret this dudes behavior. I don’t know if it was just the one beer he had, that made him “feel some type of way.” I know I was not feeling this date anymore and wanted a ONE WAY ticket out of there.

My friends told me that maybe he was just nervous. Yes he could have been nervous but it wasn’t like he was doing all that fidgeting at the beginning of the night but towards the end it was unstoppable. I know when I’m nervous, I talk a lot more and talk by gesturing my hands a lot more. I am not an awkward person.. if anything I am the one who will keep the conversation going. Needless to say, there was no second date.

If you ever experience a date or a situation with a dude who giggles after everything you say.. RUN.

Future Tinder go-ers, here is a piece of advice when meeting a guy: drive to the destination separate so that if it really is that awful, you can come up with an excuse to get out of there!


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