While reading this story I want you to picture the “Marineman.” This is a great representation of what this guy looked like. HA.  So we talked for about a three weeks before we actually met. (The Saturday after Thanksgiving to be exact) We would facetime all the time, so it did not feel weird going over to his apartment that night. Everything was going very smoothly and we hung out a couple times after that as well. I thought he was a real gentleman. For instance, when we would go 1538680-marineman_0001out, he actually opened the car door for me. Not just on dates but also when we would come back to the car after leaving a convenient store.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks later, I was going to TBOX, which is a big Christmas bar crawl in Chicago, while he was going to drill. (He was a Marine) After this weekend I realized I was GHOSTED.. you know where everything seems to being well and then all of sudden the other person just falls off the face of the earth without a word. No idea why.

So I waited about five days to text him and ask, why he “ghosted” me.  His response “I didn’t ghost you. I just didn’t know what to say.” <— DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. (rolling me eyes) How about be a man and speak your mind, you’re 26 for God sake. After he responded,  I never answered him back. Not wasting my time, trying to justify your response.



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