Margari… Not Having It

Where do I begin with this date; lets call him Nicholas. So we met at a Mexican restaurant because I really wanted a margarita. I was completely caught off guard when this dude started to talk.. his voice.. sounded like a girl. INSTANT TURN OFF. All he talked about was all the other Tinder dates he went on and how there never was a second or how weird the girl was. I should have taken that as a sign & RUN.

You know the margarita I wanted… well I took one sip & then the Nicholas spilled my drink all over me. I look like I peed myself. (Rolling my eyes) The whole time he is just laughing & thinks its the funniest thing in the world. I asked the waitress if they had a blow dryer in the bathroom…  I don’t know if the embarrassing part was him spilling my drink or the waitress coming into the bathroom and asking if the guy was my boyfriend and once I told her no, she looked relieved and told me how she couldn’t believe how rude he was, by just sitting there and laughing.

In that moment, I did not want to go back out there. I texted my mom and asked her to call me in the next 5 to 10 minutes telling me I need to come home. YES. I asked my Mom to save me from the most awkward date of my life. For some reason I attract the men who just love to laugh at the craziest things.

Moral of the story: Always talk on the phone or facetime before actually meeting the person. In all honesty, a voice says a lot about a person and can change your whole outlook on someone. Oh If he starts talking about other dates he has been on where there were no second ones, just get up and walk out.


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