Mr. Nasty 

So if you really want to know what someone looks like just ask them for their snapchat, right? That way you basically know 1) they are real 2) not catfishing you 3) they aren’t some creepy old dude pretending to be a 20 year old guy.

Well I gave this dude my snapchat .. I should have known right from the start he was going to some sort of freak just by his snapchat name. (Had the word “nasty” in it) The conversation starts with him wanting a picture of me to wanting me to contribute to his fetish …

Yes I screenshot it because I could not believe this dude was serious. We maybe said like a handful of words to each other and then thinks it’s appropriate to ask for a picture of my feet. HAHA

If you ever experience a dude with a weird fetish.. how would you handle the situation? If you’ve never met him. I was joking around with him but I just couldn’t handle it anymore, to point where it was necessary to block him.